in a different light (2018)

In a different light (2018) is an interactive audio-visual installation that uses experimental sound textures and soft, light visuals to ‘underscore and undermine’ (Curtis, 2009, p. 5) the architectural space of the Roger Stevens Building on campus at the University of Leeds, where it also takes place. The scores for cellos and solo trumpet are composed from transpositions of the recurring shapes which feature in the Brutalist design; the sound aims to map both the sharp concrete angles and the round, fluid window openings. The interactive visuals work to afford a re-imagining, a re-seeing, of the space – one which is often hailed as ugly and oppressive in its stark grey concreteness. The visuals offer gates into another softer version of the site, translucent curtains to be walked through catching and manipulating the light in the space.

It is a collaborative project devised and realised by Lottie Sadd (University of Leeds), Bethany Chamberlain (Leeds Arts University), and Natasha Joseph (Leeds Arts University).

A recording of the live performance can be listened to here.



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