illuminations (2019)

Responding to the space as a purpose-built Catholic convent, Illuminations (2019) is concerned with bringing to light a pivotal thread running through the continuing history of Convention House: the noise generated by the nearby (New) York Road bypass. This is traced as a narrative, connecting its impact on the space as a convent with the life of the space today. Through its minimalist presentation, the installation seeks to foreground the actual sounds and visuals occurring presently in and around the space: daylight is utilised in its natural form, subtly manipulated by alterations to the window in the space, and the inescapable sounds of the busy road are enhanced through the explicit textual content of the work. The spoken text captures the interruption and distraction to activity within the space caused by the outside noise, manifesting the effect felt by its previous inhabitants, mirroring the effect then in the now.


Illuminations (2019) was created for a residency at Convention House, a space newly acquired earlier in the year by East Street Arts. It was a site-specific sound, light and material installation which drew directly from the space’s history as a nunnery in the Irish Catholic area of Leeds. The text material (an old newspaper article) was donated by the more recent building owners, an accountancy firm, tying together the occupants of the space through history within in the installation.



Illuminations (2019). Convention House, Leeds. Photography by Jules Lister
“Juggernauts drive nuns out of their home” in Illuminations (2019). Photography by Jules Lister


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